Sims Super-quad Pickups

"Old School tones, 21st Century technology."

Experience the capabilities of 15 different pickup options within only one bass - thanks to the Super-Quad Pickup. So say goodbye to the tone-sculpting overdose of too many knobs - say hello to our new, all-inclusive and totally organic tone generators.

Our unique Super-Quad pickup contains 4 hand-wound coils which, when connected to our patented Tri-Logic switching system, allow the user to alternate between the three most iconic pickup coil configurations; split-coil [Precision Bass], single coil [Jazz Bass] and full humbucker [StingRay]. Simplicity is guaranteed with the use of our tri-colour LED (housed inside each Super-Quad) which gives clear indication of the selected pickup mode.

Not only do you have unrestricted access to all 3 of the classic pickup tones you've heard on millions of records [in a single pickup], there is tonnes of room to expand upon them by taking advantage of the 15 uniquely possible, different pickup configurations. All whilst experiencing no change in output volume.

Contrary to common perception, due to the tri-colour coil mode LEDs, our Super-Quad pickups are completely passive. That is because our aim when designing the pickup was to achieve the 3 classic [passive] tones within a single housing. However, they are very effectively used with active preamps as well as passive circuitry.

British Conception, British design, British Made.


Each component of our Super-Quad pickup is manufactured entirely within the UK. It is then hand wound and assembled from our workshop in Kent, South-East England. Classy and extremely robust, these pickups are the perfect accompaniment to any bass.

Tour-ready pickup housing, made from our unique recipe of pure carbon fibre and nylon, it is very difficult to scratch and near impossible to dent. Due to it's compound properties the pickups are self-shielding too.


When ordered for retail, each of our Super-Quad pickups comes individually in its own sleek, branded black box. Which includes tri-logic switch, 12 pin push-connecting wire loom, fixing screws & springs and A4 wire diagram (also downloadable from our luthier page).






“...hand wound and assembled from our workshop in Kent...”

Our Super-Quad Pickups are designed to be as easy as possible to fit but if in doubt please contact a professional. For more information regarding how to fit our Super-Quad pickups please visit 'Installation Information'.


I plugged in and it was like love at first note.
— Rudy Sarzo [Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne]

All the Classic Tones with No comprOmises.

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