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Launched in 2013, the Enfield Lionheart is a streamlined version of our flagship Cannon bass range. The Lionheart was originally designed as a way of showcasing our then new, Super-Quad pickup system, but soon created its own demand.

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Inspired by our former Cannon range of basses, the Lionheart has the same outer shape but with a more traditional body contour. Lionheart's are available in 4 and 5 string versions with a selection of standard options that are included within the base price. We do however also offer, a lot of customisation, all of which is priced accordingly.

Bodies are made from East Asian Mahogany as standard due to it's lightweight and resonant properties. However, we also offer custom timber options of Alder, Swamp Ash or 1/4" Figured Maple front and back on a Swamp Ash core.

We have a choice of 6 different pearl colours with a satin finish that are included in our standard range (more info below), however infinite custom options are available from our Spray Shop. Lionhearts come as standard with either white or black Pearloid pickguards, but other custom options are available.

Our standard models currently weigh around 3.5kg (7.7lb) - 4.00kg (8.8lb) for the 4 string, and 4.00kg (8.8lb) - 4.50kg (9.9lb) for the 5 string. However, for custom orders, weight can vary depending on the timbers chosen.

All Enfield basses come equipped with standard guage Elites Strings (45/65/85/105/135), unless requested otherwise.


All Lionhearts are fitted with the amazingly versatile Sims Super-Quad pickup system, an adaptation of our Super-8 pickup. Connected to our renowned Tri-Logic switching system, get ready for a whole world of tonal capabilities as the Super-Quads are your new all-inclusive tone generators. 

We teamed up with Glockenklang preamps for their glass-like clarity and ease of use and we offer their 2 or 3 band active onboard preamps to further enhance the capabilities of the Super-Quad pickups. Other preamps are available by request as a custom option.

The 2-band preamps are always fitted with front facing skeleton jack sockets, whereas the 3-band preamp requires a side barrel jack socket. Although these are active preamps, passive mode can be engaged by the push/pull volume knob to achieve more old-school tones.


The Lionheart comes with custom prepared, USA made Hipshot bridge and machine heads in Black/Nickel or Black/Gold, depending on your preferred hardware finish. Our custom prepared USA made A style Hipshot bridges have a string spacing of 18mm (0.718") for the 4 string and 17.5mm (0.687") for the 5 string.

We use Y key Hipshot HB6 machine heads to give the ultimate in stability with all the advantages of modern design and engineering that Hipshot do so well. We also offer a custom prepared USA made Hipshot String X-tender (drop tuner) as an upgrade.

Neck design

Our Lionheart necks are made from premium North American hard rock Maple and are fitted with a double action truss rod as standard, with adjustment at the heel of the neck.

With its medium-slim profile and clear satin silk feel, these necks are optimised for fast, fluid and comfortable playing. Gloss and alternative neck finishes are available by custom order if so desired. 

All Lionheart necks are fitted with 24 medium-jumbo frets, made out of 2.4mm (0.094") thick silver nickel, and custom made phenolic nuts are fitted as standard to ensure maximum sustain and balance across each string. Nut widths for our 4 string models are 43mm (1.693") and 5 strings are 51mm (2.008"), both with a depth of 21mm (0.827"). Our fretboards have a radius of 14" for the 4 string and 16" for the 5 string.

Our standard fretboards come in a choice of Ebony, Maple or Phenolic with front face and side edge Dot Markers fitted as standard. Block inlays are available as a custom option or custom designed inlays are available by specification. Fretboard LEDs are a popular alternative to standard fret markers.



The Lionheart inherited its stylish headstock shape from our Cannon bass range featuring machine head configurations of two-a-side (4 string) and three-over-two (5 string). This was designed to enable the bass's overall length to be as short as possible whilst still keeping it a headed bass. 

Machine heads come custom prepared and courtesy of Hipshot USA in either Black/Nickel or Black/Gold, depending on your chosen hardware finish.

Our factory-made Enfield string trees are also fitted as standard to ensure balanced string tension across each string for ultimate tonality.

Lionheart headstocks come with a clear satin lacquer finish to match the neck but colour coded headstocks and gloss options are available as a custom option.

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'Black Raven' carbon fibre neck

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Our Black Raven neck option has been developed using the most up-to-date methods in the field of Carbon composite technology.

With it's Mahogany core precisely machined just 1mm smaller than our Standard neck profile, 3 layers of Carbon Fibre are vacuum formed around this tonewood core whilst high-impact phenolic resin is drawn through under pressure to create an extremely intimate and strong bond.

The fundamental tone structure that the carbon provides is an enhanced attack response, enabling the strings to vibrate and a brisker pace. This option is the absolute ultimate in the ways of neck stability, sustain and attack.


All Black Raven necks come with Phenolic fretboards and Pearl dot inlays.

As with our Lionheart Standard, the following still apply to this custom neck option: 

  • The neck is the exact same shape and size.

  • Medium-slim profile with 24 medium-jumbo frets made out of 2.4mm (0.094") thick silver nickel.

  • Nut Width: 4 String - 43mm (1.693") / 5 String - 51mm (2.008")

  • Double action truss rod with adjustment at heel.

  • Custom made Enfield string tees.

  • Custom prepared USA made Hipshot tuners, fitted as standard.

Black Raven necks are available by custom order with any of our Lionheart Standard 4 and 5 string bodies.

Colours & Finishes

Our Lionheart basses come in a choice of our 6 standard pearl colours with a satin finish; White Pearl, Black Pearl, Surf Pearl, Daphne Pearl, Fiesta Pearl, Burgundy Pearl. 
However, infinite custom colours and finishes are available by request from our Spray Shop. If Alder or Swamp Ash body timber options have been chosen then you can also have a clear coat to display the woods natural colour and grain. All colours are finished with a satin look as standard, but a High Gloss polish is available if desired.

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