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Our Enfield Cannon was the first model we launched back in 2008 to showcase our unique Super 8 pickup system and provide the player with the ultimate in playability and variability.

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Our Enfield Cannon was the first model we launched back in 2008 to showcase our unique Super 8 pickup system and provide the player with the ultimate in playability and variability.

Cannon are still our flagship model and are built to our ultimate pedigree using only our hand selected and reserved private stock timbers. 

Add to this our totally, unique & patented Super 8 pickup system, with it's eight coils and 16, 20 or 24 individual hight adjustable pole pieces coupled with our ingenious Try-Logic switching system goes together to make this bass the phenomenon it is.

Cannon has been especially designed not only for the pro player but for all those that seek the ultimate in feel, balance and versatility from their bass.

When it comes to neck and body marriage we have our easy access' heal contouring and our five bolt stainless steel to brass machined anchor bolting system. This all go's to make this a super stable and strong blend of tradition with modern day engineering.

Custom designed East/Enfield pre-amp created to our specifications by the renowned Pre-amp Guru Mr 'John East' of J-Retro fame, add this to the Cannons duel 1/4" Neutrick and balanced XLR (direct to desk)outputs and this is what makes our Cannon the perfect bass for any gigging or studio situation.

Cannon is available in 4, 5 & 6 string versions. 

All Cannon basses are completely handmade by Martin Sims and restricted to a maximum output of 5 basses per year.


All Cannon basses are fitted with the amazingly versatile Super 8 pickup. Connected to our renowned Tri-Logic switching system, get ready for a whole world of tonal capabilities as the Super 8 is your all-inclusive tone generator. 

We teamed up with John East for their glass-like clarity and ease of use and we offer a custom active onboard preamp to further enhance the capabilities of the Super 8 pickup.

The preamps are always fitted with side mounted Neutrik locking jack and balance XLR output.


The Lionheart comes with custom Enfield bridge and Hipshot machine heads in Black/Nickel or Black/Gold, depending on your preferred hardware finish. Our custom made Enfield bridges have a string spacing of 18mm (0.718") for the 4 string and 17.5mm (0.687") for the 5 string.

We use Y key Hipshot HB6 machine heads to give the ultimate in stability with all the advantages of modern design and engineering that Hipshot do so well. We also offer a custom prepared USA made Hipshot String X-tender (drop tuner).

Neck design

Our cannon necks are a 5 piece premium North American hard rock Maple/Phenolic Resin laminate construction and are fitted with a double action truss rod as standard, with adjustment at the heel of the neck.

With its medium-slim profile and clear satin silk feel, these necks are optimised for fast, fluid and comfortable playing.

All Cannon necks are fitted with 25 medium-jumbo frets, made out of 2.4mm (0.094") thick silver nickel, and custom made phenolic nuts are fitted as standard to ensure maximum sustain and balance across each string. Nut widths for our 4 string models are 43mm (1.693") and 5 strings are 51mm (2.008"), both with a depth of 21mm (0.827"). Our fretboards have a radius of 14" for the 4 string and 16" for the 5 string.

Many fretboard materials are used such as birdseye maple, ebony, phenolic, and other exotic woods.

Expect to see some beautiful block inlays, LED markers and other custom options on Cannon basses made in the near future. 


The Cannon features machine head configurations of two-a-side (4 string) and three-over-two (5 string). This was designed to enable the bass's overall length to be as short as possible whilst still keeping it a headed bass. 

Machine heads come custom prepared and courtesy of Hipshot USA in either Black/Nickel or Black/Gold.

Our factory-made Enfield string trees are also fitted as standard to ensure balanced string tension across each string for ultimate tonality.

Cannon headstocks come with a clear gloss lacquer finish to match the neck but colour coded headstocks and gloss options are also used.