Super-Quad Retrofit Standard Bass Pickguards

Super-Quad Retrofit Standard Bass Pickguards

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Our standard retrofit pickguards are made to fit American Standard Fender Precision & Jazz basses and MusicMan StingRay 4 string basses. Everything else is considered a custom pickguard.

Our pickguards are available in various material and colour options including:

Traditional 3-Ply Vinyl - black, white, parchment, cream, mint green
Traditional 1-Ply Vinyl - black, bright white, cream
Traditional Pearl [3-Ply] - black pearl, white pearl, red pearl
Vintage Celluloid Tortoiseshell [4-Ply] - red/brown tortoiseshell top with layers of black, cream and mint green.

Many other colours and materials are available by request, please get in touch using our contact form to discuss.


Super-Quad pickguards can also be custom made if you choose to alter the position of the pickup i.e. one Super-Quad over the top of a traditional positioned P-Bass pickup.

Our custom made pickguards are cut to order from a template which would need to be either, from the existing guard on the bass or from a detailed, clear tracing.

Please use our contact form to send over custom order requests.

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