Super-Quad Surround Pickguard

Super-Quad Surround Pickguard

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For those of you with Jazz style pickups already installed in your bass we offer Super-Quad pickup surrounds for this retro-fit option.

The length of a Jazz style pickup is longer than our Super-Quad pickups. Therefore, once a new rout has been made in your body there are small areas that show the original rout. To make this area more attractive and appealing we have designed a small pickup surround that is placed around the Super-Quad pickup. This can be made from a similar coloured pickguard material to match in or we could cut a new main guard with matching surround if so wished.

Our pickguards are available in various material and colour options including:

Traditional 3-Ply Vinyl - black, white, parchment, cream, mint green
Traditional 1-Ply Vinyl - black, bright white, cream
Traditional Pearl [3-Ply] - black pearl, white pearl, red pearl
Vintage Celluloid Tortoiseshell [4-Ply] - red/brown tortoiseshell top with layers of black, cream and mint green.

Many other colours and materials are available by request, please get in touch using our contact form to discuss.


It is also possible for you to design your own surround which we could custom make for you, all we would require for this option is a clean, sharp to scale drawing showing the new shape and screw hole positions.

Please use our contact form to send over any custom order requests.

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