Super-Quad Pickup [4 String]

Super-Quad Pickup [4 String]

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Our unique Super-Quad pickup contains 4 parallel hand-wound coils which, when connected to our patented Tri-Logic switching system, allow the user to alternate between the three most iconic pickup coil configurations; split-coil [Precision Bass], single coil [Jazz Bass] and full humbucker [StingRay]. 

Simplicity is guaranteed with the use of our tri-colour LED (housed inside each Super-Quad) which gives clear indication of the selected pickup mode.

These pickups can be fitted into any bass, whether that's pre or post-production.

Each of our Super-Quad pickups come individually in its own sleek, branded black box. Which includes tri-logic switch, 12 pin push-connecting wire loom, fixing screws & springs and A4 wire diagram (also downloadable from our luthier page).

For further information please see our 'Super-Quad' page.

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