Pots and Capacitors

Pots and Capacitors

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CTS guitar pot, 500k split shaft pot premium 450 series with 9% tolerance.

Guitar pot with audio (log) taper. This guitar pot is an ideal for our Super-Quads when wanting a pure passive volume and tone controls for your bass.

Not all volume and tone pots are alike. The CTS pots that we stock are the top-of-the-range 450 series and are developed using 9% +/- tolerances and built at 10% over the standard 500K rating (550K). This ensures optimum performance and guarantees that your potentiometers will always be at least the value stated. Our CTS pots are unlike many other standard pots that use industry standard 20% tolerances where, in most cases, are way under the specifications you need to ensure good tone from your pickups. We added brass components and a high quality wiper versus what comes standard on most run of the mill pots to ensure long life, quality and consistent performance. Comes complete with two nuts and washers.


Capacitors are used for the passive treble tone roll off which is a standard on instruments with no pre-amp fitted.

This is the Sprague Orange Drop .022 Microfarad tone capacitor. Audio grade Polypropylene dielectric material provides a smooth, wah type tone with no sonic impurities. The cap works well with our pickups.

Sprague Orange Drop Polypropylene Film Capacitors
0.022 uF
Tolerance 5%
Voltage 200 VDC,
case length .75 in.

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