transparent colours


We can offer clear coats for showing off the vibrance and patterns of the timber's natural grain.

Candy/Tints & bursts

These types of finishes can be used to great effect to accentuate body shapes and provide both old school and modern vibes.

Candy/tints are composed of a clear substrate mixed with a coloured tint to give a translucent colour finish. These can be applied as an even coating over the entire guitar or in the form of a burst. A burst is where darker coats are applied around the outside of a guitar to accentuate the body shape. Most commonly known bursts are the traditional tobacco burst (2-tone) and sunburst (3-tone).


When enquiring about our Spray Shop services there are a few options to think about that may not have crossed your mind. These will alter the price of your quote based on the time and resources required.

  • Do you want the headstock, neck and/or pickguard painted too?

  • You can take the guitar apart and send it unloaded which will save you money as it saves us time.

  • We can strip the old lacquer for you in preparation for the respray or you can strip it yourself before sending to us. However, please bare in mind that if this is not done professionally that we will only be able to half the stripping charge due to the preparation needed to achieve a the factory style professional finish that we always aim to deliver.

  • Having your guitar or bass refinished can also be the perfect opportunity to have other custom work or alterations made such as pickup swapouts, hardware changes, neck profile, body shape recontouring, routing etc. If this is what you desire then we can also provide the new components if necessary or you can send them, along with your instrument for us to fit. This could save you money and many complications in the long run!