Enfield Guitars Brigadier Strap

Enfield Guitars Brigadier Strap


The maker.

Leather artisan Karl Derrick has been designing and making beautiful, thoughtful, functional, bespoke leather pieces for over twenty years. All of Karl's work is designed and made entirely by Karl himself, by hand.

Karl's background is in the film industry. Prosthetic makeup and creature effects, props, models and Armoury leather for productions as diverse as the Harry Potter franchise, Gladiator, Doom, Reign of Fire, The Mummy Returns, The Brothers Grimm, 007 Goldeneye, 1408, The Hills Have Eyes, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The Last Kingdom and Kingsman.

Karl also produces painstakingly accurate reproductions of historical leather items for museums, exhibitions and re-enactment from all periods of history.  Medieval, Western, Napoleonic, Victorian. From Viking scabbards, to Frontier gunbelts, to holsters and concealment rigs for plainclothes firearms officers.

The design.

The Enfield Guitars 'Brigadier' strap is a unique combination of  form, quality, comfort and function. The ergonomic strap is shaped to conform to the player's body, thoroughly and evenly distributing the instrument's weight across the entire back and shoulders.

 Karl has taken great care in thoroughly prototyping and perfecting the shape, and believes this to be the most comfortable leather guitar strap there is.

Many players who use Karl's straps report being able to play standing or hours with none of the fatigue or discomfort experienced with their traditional narrow, parallel cut straps.

In keeping with Enfield Guitars' strong design ethic, Karl has incorporated many traditional British design features into the 'Brigadier'. As the name suggests, the look is inspired by officers' Sam Browne garrison belts from the first world war. 

The width of the tail strap is 2.25”, precisely the same as an officer's belt, as is the spacing of the pairs of 'racetrack' prong-holes. 

The buckle itself is a faithful reproduction of a genuine Sam Browne Buckle issued in WW1, and made using the same tooling as the originals. 

The use of a 'vintage' English Tan leather also speaks to Britain's rich military and exploration history.

The reinforcing panel stitched to the top of the strap takes its design cues from Enfield's patriotic winged shield. The point at the ends of the panel is a precise echo of the lower edge of the shield, giving the strap an impressive, unified appearance.

The colour pallette of the rich caramel tan of the leather and the dark, chocolate brown stitch and edges is timeless, classic.

The materials.

The Brigadier guitar strap is made entirely from full grain, Oak tanned cow hide. The leather is produced in very small quantities by a traditional, family owned and run tannery in the West Country of England. 

The leather is tanned in the manner it has been since Roman times, suspended in pits containing progressively stronger tanning liquors, made from pulverised Oak bark and pure spring water. The natural tannins in the crushed bark slowly effect the chemical change from skin to leather. The process is slow compared to modern Chrome-tanned leather, taking 366 days to complete. A year and a  day.

The resulting leather is a mellow, caramel, 'Vintage' tan. A traditional tone for British leather.

The buckle, screw and rivets used in the construction of the Brigadier strap are all solid brass. No rust, ever.

The foundry cast solid brass buckle is aged to a pleasing mid brown tone using the same process used to finish cast bronzes. The patina will polish naturally with time and wear to reveal the mellow brass underneath.

The leather for each strap is cut from a whole hide, by hand, with a traditional leather knife. The edges are sealed and burnished, and finished with a proprietary 'section lacquer', a formulation which leaves the edges sealed, durable, and pleasingly matt-finished. The stitching holes are punched with Karl's lovely old Pearson #6 Harness stitcher, made in 1897 and still used daily. The stitching itself is done with traditional waxed thread and two harness needles, by Karl, by hand, one stitch at a time.

The Brigadier strap is the ideal meeting point of form and function. Made using British materials by a true English craftsman.

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Material - Leather

Finish - Tan

Price - £125.00

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