Detroit Series V

Detroit Series V


Specially wound and polished, Elites Detroit matched gauge flatwound sets are becomingly increasingly popular amongst players looking for a super-smooth playing experience and a balanced, deep, pounding tone.

Great for fretless instruments, they reduce wear on the fingerboard and produce a mellower, upright bass sound. On a fretted bass, you'll get less finger-noise and string-click and a warmer, richer bass tone.

Available in matched gauge 4 and 5 string sets.

Ridiculously versatile, Elites Detroit Flats are equally well-suited for garage rock, driving rhythm 'n' blues, rumbling punk funk, bass heavy trip-hop and deep reggae grooves... not to mention James Jamerson inspired upbeat, melodic soul lines or Iron Maiden-style galloping metal.

Additional Information

Material - Stainless Steel

Gauges - 45-65-85-105-130

Price - £35.95

This price includes UK VAT at 20%.

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