FCH-4 3 point (Gibson Style) Black

FCH-4 3 point (Gibson Style) Black


The patented Babicz FCH 3-Point four string bass bridge is a direct drop-in replacment upgrade for a modern Gibson 3-Point bass bridge (with existing M8 body inserts).

The Babicz double locking eCAM saddle offers full contact to the instruments body...improving tonality and sustain. Intonation and individual string height adjustments are a breeze, and these are the same bridges used on the Gibson 2015-2018 Thunderbird and SG basses.

Includes: Three mounting studs, shim plate, adjustment wrench and instructions.

Additional Information

Material - Aluminium

Finish - Black

Weight - 0.164g

Price - £129.00

This price includes UK VAT at 20%.

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