With over 15 years of CNC machining experience, we have become known as one of the most trusted custom pickguard companies in the UK. With our dedicated custom shop department and vast array of high quality, readily available materials, we can create almost any kind of pickguard you could possibly desire!

Traditional Single, 3 & 5 Ply Vinyls (solid colours)

In order of appearance:
Black, Mint Green, Cream, Parchment, Bright White
Also available: Gibson style 5-ply black, custom painted paisley & other patterns, graphics, decals and airbrush.

Traditional 3-Ply Pearls

In order of appearance:
White, Cream, Black, Red, Blue

Authentic Delmar Genuine Celluloid Tortoiseshell

Traditionally made, true celluloid tortoiseshell over mint green substrate; manufactured by Delmar. Absolute classic, red/brown in colour and 4-Ply comprised of mint green, black, mint green, tortoiseshell (bottom to top).


In order of appearance:
Anodised aluminium in brushed Silver, Black and Gold
Also available: polished chrome, black and gold.

Mirror Finishes with polished edges

In order of appearance:
Silver (standard), Gold, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green.

Special Material

Abalone, Perspex (clear).

How to order your CUSTOM PICKGUARD

In order for us to get your custom pickguard made to the highest standard, we will need your original guard sent to us or an accurate (hard copy) tracing. Please mark any adjustments you require on the guard or drawing such as pickup alterations, pot placements, reshaping etc. If you have a PDF or JPEG file that has been created digitally we will need a 250mm sizing reference drawn so that we can make sure that the size is accurate. We try to turn all pickguard orders around in 7 working days. On receiving your order, please include your telephone number so that our pickguard department can call you before commencing the work to make sure that everything is how you want it. We provide UK return shipping which is £6.00, for international orders delivery costs can vary.